Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Surgery

Yesterday I was finally able to get surgery on my foot. After walking around for 6 months I was more than ready to get it done. Or so I thought. I went to bed Tuesday night fine. I woke up around 3 and started thinking a bit too much about how much I didn't want to be on crutches for sooo long and then I wondered about my kids and never seeing Ted since he works such retarted hours. Well, before I realized it I started to feel sick. I found myself barfing up all my dinner in the bathroom for the next few hours! The last time I made myself stress that much was the night before my wedding. Hahahaha. I laugh about it because I think it's funny that I can worry myself enough to actually throw up!
By morning I was pretty much strung out. I was now starving and thirsty because I wasn't allowed to eat or drink before the surgery. And I had just puked it all out of me. Daesha even said, "Mom you look worried, are you worried about your surgery." She doesn't miss a thing.
Once I got to the hospital I was now really ready to get this over with. First little bump was that they had the wrong foot scheduled. So after that was fixed and the Dr marked the LEFT foot I signed the release and permission forms. I skipped the whole living will paper work. If I hadn't been stressed out already I would have laughed at the idea of reading over that paper work. Anyway I got the IV and some "I don't care" meds and I remember being wheeled out the door. Turning right then left, then I closed my eyes and that was all I remember. I don't even recall seeing the actual operating room. The very next thing I remember was being back in the room I started at and the Dr handing me a baggy with some bone in it. It seemed so tiny too me! that tiny thing was giving me all that pain! I was imagining something like a dinosaur bone. CRAZY! Then my Dr. said well I wouldn't want that pebble in my shoe for 6 months!!!! Special thanks to Dr. Phillips. Very good Dr. He is fantastic if you need a good pediatrist. Also if your in Washington state my brother in law is a good pediatrist too :)
After the surgery I felt GREAT! And even the next morning I told Ted I felt like I could get up and run. Then I realized my foot was still numb. It remained numb for 26 hours! By 4 oclock the next day I started feeling some discomfort and itching. But still this pain is much more tolerable than what I have been going through every day. My Dr. encouraged me to take my pain meds every 4 hours wether I felt I needed it or not. I am glad I have been following his advice. I am pretty sure the pain would be much worse. And even though I am crazy dizzy and nausiated when I get up I would prefer small moments of dizziness compared to hours of pain. I will have a cast on for one week. And from there I am not sure what I will have. I hate not seeing the incision. Or anything else happening inside the cast.
So anyway, I am really glad I was able to get this surgery done. I should be able to recover pretty fast with the help I have been getting from Teds family and our friends. I am so blessed to have so many willing to help. Love you all!
So for your entertainment of my embarrassing state I give you mu'a. Hair braided, no make up, and goofy face. Those drugs are NIIIICCCE.

Man I look like a dork. But a VERY happy dork! hahahaha
Coming out of it after the surgery was done. I was freezing cold! I kept asking for more hot blankets!!!!!

These are the bones the Dr. took out. The one that is farthest right is the "detatched bone" I had been walking on for 6 months. The other pieces were ones the Dr. chipped out to reattach the ligament to another bone.

Me holding the little critter that caused me so much pain. D#@* TV!

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